Images That Tell Its Valentine’s Day

Different special occasions have varying symbols. For Valentine’s Day, there are several symbols signifying love and romance.

The main image and may be known to many is the heart. Symbolically, the heart houses all emotions of a person – an ancient belief handed down to us. Though science proved that heart is basically just an organ pumping blood, its symbol stayed and thus came to be associated with the emotion of love. Today, people differentiate the functions of heart from mind. Heart beats for love, while mind works for reason.

Thus, Valentine’s Day cards feature heart-shaped images and musical songs expressing the desire of heart. Even before Valentine’s Day, many stores begin selling heart-shaped items like chocolates, centerpieces, and notebooks to name a few. There are also hearts pierced by Cupid’s arrow.

Cupid is another symbol common on Valentine’s Day. Cupid is the mischievous son of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. He is otherwise called Eros in Greek mythology. Some time in history, ancient individuals thought Cupid is the reason why people fall in love with each other. They say the person pierced with Cupid’s bows and arrows fall in love. That is why nowadays we have the famous maxim “love at first sight.”

Another primary symbol for Valentine’s Day is a rose. You may notice the scores of stores selling roses when February 14 is nearing. In Roman mythology, it is the favorite flower of Venus. Even before, a rose has been used to express feelings to someone. It doesn’t only symbolize love but also peace and forgiveness. There are 72 different colors including yellow, white, pink, and black. Yellow is for friendship and white for peace,. A pink rose may mean friendship or romantic relationship. A black one means farewell. The infamous red color means strong and intense feelings. Hence, red roses are mostly seen being bought by lovers during this occasion.

Love birds and love knots are other common symbols for love. You definitely have seen these in wedding ceremonies. During reception, the newlywed frees a pair of doves. Among all other birds, dove is often used because it signifies purity and innocence. The medieval Europeans believed that on February 14 birds find their mates. That is, they exchange love letters on that day.

Meanwhile, love knots originated from the Arabic traditions. The traditional and orthodox Muslim women expressed their love through love knots – messages women in the knots of a carpet.

Harp is another symbol for love, art, poetry, and music. The strings of harp indicate the different levels of love and the way to happiness. This same belief is practiced in Iceland and Norway. Harp also represents a bridge between earth and heaven according to a Celtic civilization.

Lastly, apple symbolizes love, fertility and abundance. Apple also signifies feminine beauty and love. The Chinese thinks apple represents adoration and peace. The power of apple to make a love bloom is evident in many ancient stories. For instance, Greek god of wine Dinoysus offered apple to Aphrodite to win her heart.


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