Why are you Autograph Collecting?

For some people autograph collecting provides an important link between the past and the present. Autograph collecting takes many forms it depends on the interests; enthusiasm, and focus of the collector. People tend to treasure signatures and want to have concrete evidence of having known a celebrity, even if it is in a small way.

Autograph collecting is one of the many avenues you can use to feel apart of some special event or person. Autograph collecting may be specialized for an example the autograph may document the life of a person. When there is the opportunity to live in the area where your celebrity lives, you have many options of how your autograph collecting will grow. Others may use autograph collecting to illuminate a certain field of endeavor, such as the arts as in painting. Collectors usually have special interests. These interests may be based on the environment, experience, education, travel, and so on.

Autograph collecting sometimes starts with only one interest and then mushrooms into a potpourri of other autographs. Autograph collecting does not have to go in any special direction; it is sometimes determined by where the heart leads. Since people collect for different reasons, the autograph collecting does not have to be that of a famous person. One dentist in a small community collects teeth that are unusual. He gets permission from the patient to keep them. After they are mounted, he asks the patient to sign his name under his teeth. The patient autograph or signature makes the collection authentic and come alive for this dentist. So you can see some collect for sentimental reasons, some for historical reason, to some it is a hobby and for some it is a job. Yes there are those who make a living off of autograph collecting. If you idolize or have a great deal of respect for writers, actresses, athletics, painters, crafters, and scientists, or whomever, you may choose to start autograph collecting on anyone of them.

With the growth of technology the original letters are becoming extinct. Communications are sent via fax and e-mail and the original letter has been replaced. Nevertheless autograph collecting is likely to be around for a long, long, time. Collected autographs are becoming rarer for autograph collecting. Real collectors find so much joy and fun in autograph collecting. In addition the challenge to get another autograph is always there. Did you know that some people attend certain events just to be in a position to get a certain autograph?

It can be on a program, piece of paper, paper bag, napkin of it doesn’t matter just so you get the autograph. When collecting those autographs be sure to get it in pen. An ink autograph is worth far more than one written in pencil. There are almost as many reasons for collecting as there are collectors. In our culture and highly civilized society, autograph collecting is valued because for the most part all of us want to actually own a piece of history or that special occasion.

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